When you first get your real estate license, it’s natural to look up at more seasoned agents and wonder how they manage their businesses. They give off the impression of being very laid back, calm, professional, and on top of their game.

And although some of it comes with experience, smart agents realize that they can use digital tools that help simplify the more dull or more repetitive elements of the work that they have to do.

Must have digital Tools for Real Estate Agents

The real estate industry has rapidly embraced digitalization, making it an essential component of the company. Smartphones and desktop computers are essential at almost every stage of the real estate marketing process, beginning with the first contact made with prospective customers and continuing all the way through to the digital message that is required for closing the deal.

As a result, the expectations of customers in relation to this field have increased. When it comes to real estate transactions, whether or not house buyers and sellers choose to entrust you with their transactions depends heavily on how appealing your services seem both online and offline.

You may develop an effective and welcoming digital area for your customers by using smart applications, websites, and management software. This place will also provide them with tangible advantages. You have access to a diverse selection of items from which to make your selection. The very finest tools provide you the ability to guide the operation of real estate advertising more easily and comfortably while leaving the same impression on your prospective clients.

The term “proptech,” which is an abbreviation for “property technology,” refers to technologies that are developed expressly to service real estate markets. This post is a curated list that was produced by us of the most helpful applications and digital tools in five categories that are vital for real estate agents.

5 Digital Tools for New Real Estate Agents

Must have digital Tools for Real Estate Agents

Because real estate brokers can now use digital technologies to add everything including 3-dimensional tours and dynamic floor plans to furnishings, d├ęcor, and even bespoke paint colors to their listings, houses are more marketable than they have ever been and are more attractive than they have ever been.

Do you want to enhance the quality of your postings (and increase the likelihood that they will be noticed)? The following are five examples of helpful digital tools:

1. A Management Information System for Client Relationships (CRM)

A customer relationship management system (CRM) is a tool that lets sales agents collect prospects, develop marketing efforts through email and text messages, auto-respond to incoming emails and texts, establish shared calendars for teams, store papers, generate sales analytics, and more.

There are a wide variety of CRM solutions available on the market today, each of which was developed with the real estate agent in mind. Each instrument has a unique set of capabilities. A customer relationship management system (CRM) will, on the most basic level, keep track of leads and clients, as well as monitor where you are within any given contract.

When fully developed, a CRM will interact with your email client, advertising platform, social networking platforms, calendaring application, and messaging tool, transforming into a central location for all of your operations. The capabilities you need will be determined by your aesthetic, the nature of your company, the price range you are comfortable working within, and the number of customers you serve at once.

CRMs have essentially become the industry standard for digital-first businesses. In fact, it’s possible that your broker has already decided on a CRM for the team to utilize. If this is the case, then the choice is clear to you!

2. An Application for Managing Social Media

A tool for managing social media is an important need for real estate salespeople. You’ll need to maintain at least an Ig account in addition to Fb, Myspace, and Instagram if you want to generate leads, network, and sell your real estate assets.

It is easy for it to get overwhelming, particularly if you maintain individual, distinct accounts on each of these sites. You will be able to create analytics, automat posts, post to several accounts within the same platform, transfer posts from one framework to another, and port posts across platforms with the assistance of a social media administration tool. Additionally, you will be able to automate posts.

It is conceivable that the CRM that you use already includes a managing social media solution as an integrated component. If this is not the case, you will need to look for a separate tool. There is a dizzying array of choices, many of which come at no cost, such as mobile applications.

There are many different ones, but some of the most well-known ones include Twitter, Planoly, and Propeller. Do some research to find out which one provides the characteristics you want.

3. Virtual Tours

You may make interactive, 3D instructional videos of any property using one of the many programs that are available for virtual tours. Viewers may travel freely around the house and explore each room in sequence with the simple press of a button, despite the fact that they might be situated anywhere in the globe. It is an excellent strategy for increasing the number of unseen offers or attracting buyers from beyond the immediate area.

It has also been shown to improve the number of views received by listings. According to the virtual tour platform Matterport, listings that include virtual tours are clicked on at a rate that is forty percent more than those without virtual tours. They also receive 95 percent more phone inquiries and 65 percent greater email queries.

4. Instruments for the Automation of Paperwork

There are many different methods available to automate chores that you do on a regular basis. The time-saving automation that can be set up using applications such as IFTTT and Zapier are well worth looking into. And anyway, the more time did you spend on mundane responsibilities, the less opportunity you have available to spend on activities that result in monetary gain.

Other digital tools such as email permanent basis and formatting software, digitally archiving tools, and cryptographic signature tools that store documents are examples of digital tools that may save users time.

5. Improve the rate of customer retention as well as reactivation

There is no guarantee that every customer will be capable of making a choice about their home right away. You might also choose to maintain contact with previous customers so that you can help them in the subsequent real estate transaction that they do. If you have the correct tools, you’ll be able to create relevant information that will allow you to continue and deepen your connection with the customer.

The dynamic nature of the client connection may be maintained with the use of this information, which also enables you to assist clients in identifying the appropriate moment for them to complete their next property transaction.

6. Electronic Signature Software

Electronic signature software makes it easy to sign and send documents electronically, which can save you time and streamline the transaction process. Many electronic signature platforms also offer document management features to help you keep track of all your paperwork.

7. Real Estate Analytics Tools

Analytics tools can help you analyze real estate market trends, track your performance, and make data-driven decisions. Many real estate analytics platforms offer advanced features such as predictive modeling, market forecasting, and property valuation tools. This tool from digital_res is one of the best real estate tools for agents.


Because the technology relating to real estate is advancing at a fast pace, you can anticipate the arrival of even more digital solutions that improve profitability in the not-too-distant future. Do you want assistance in making the most of the most recent technological advancements in your real estate career? Think about becoming a member of Just at Home Realty. Get in touch with us immediately for more information.