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You can now hire telemarketers, the best propnex property agent, and administrative staff from a central office in Toa Payoh, which makes your job so much easier. Parking spaces and overflow facilities are available at our office throughout the year.


What’s truly unique about PropNex is how the management team is always connecting with fellow PropNex salespersons and consumers. They are always around, ready to give great advice and direction for salepersons. 


The Propnex Virtual office allows Salepersons access all the information, materials and guidelines they need to run their business smoothly.

The PropNex VO app provide real-time updates and initiatives from the agency, and 24/7 access to your transactions for you and your teams as well as income statements and receivables.


Among the most attractive commission structures in the industry are PropNex’s commission structures for agents, taggers, and project ICs. PropNex provides its agents with comprehensive support and training to help them succeed.



PropNex’s Analyzer mobile app provides free access to thousands of project floorplans across the island. 


Using our in-house ability for digital marketing and the leading content creation in the industry, you can easily generate leads.


Our free training helps you develop your full potential in sales and leadership roles, with more than 1,400 hours annually.

Digital Res Training


With its rank as number one real estate firms in Singapore, PropNex is appointed to handle the majority of the country’s new launches each year. Local and overseas projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial segments offer ample opportunities for talents to function as core team members, taggers, and project.


Life is only ever changing. We Nurture and Always Evolve the Propnex Experience.


Cutting Edge Technology For Realtors

Consumer satisfaction is higher among consumers with technology adoption according to a 2019 survey by the Council for Estate Agencies (CEA). As our agency invests millions of dollars annually into research and development, our agents and leaders have been future-proofing our agents and increasing client satisfaction for many years. 

PropNex Business Suite Platform

PropNex Launched the cutting-edge Investment Suites App and Sales Suites App which is a powerful yet simple to use real estate market analytical tool

  • Clarity at a Glance with Property Anaysis
  • Keeping up to date with Property News and Reports
  • Stay Updated with the Latest Mortgage Rates
  • Stay Ahead of the Market with Trend studies

These functions help our salepersons to empower their clients with industry-wide real time information before making their big-ticket investment purchase

PropNex Investment Suite

A valuable tool for serious investors and realtors

Educate your clients about these features, so they can make informed decisions:

  1. A wide range of metrics can be used to compare property performance


The historical trend analysis feature we have developed for our real estate data allows you to gain a deeper understanding of how different asset classes perform compared with the district, or you can even compare a collection of properties. The property you have been eyeing now has an easy way for you to find out whether it correlates well with investment returns.

  1. Find key investment criteria and compare them in a few clicks


We’ve made it easier for investors to shortlist and prioritize the key factors in their search for investment properties through our Investor feature. There will be no stone unturned this time when it comes to finding that perfect house.

  1. Price forecasts for the short to medium term


Find out which type of property is in high demand and what supply there is for every type of property in the desired location or project. With these precise insights, you can invest with confidence.

  1. Discover the long-term potential of a site


Within a few clicks, you can easily check the dimensions, zoning, plot ratio, upcoming land sales, and history of planning decisions of a property to make sure it has the potential for growth. Investing in a property that has all the boxes checked will increase the likelihood of profit.

With the PropNex Sales Suite and PropNex Investment Suite mobile apps, all your agents are able to take advantage of all the features that will benefit your business. It also enables you to find the most qualified ambassadors for every project.

In minutes, you can become an expert in project management!

Here is a brief list of some of our SUPER Features in case you have not read all the above:

  • Floor plans for HDB and condominiums for free
  • Reports and graphs on market research updated
  • Websites for master projects that are free
  • For all projects, automatic EDM and social media artwork is available
  • Prices for commercial, residential, and industrial transactions updated
  • Within a minute, you will get live and immediate valuations by 3 expert valuers for any type of property.

Agents of PropNex enjoy the best technology for eliminating tedious tasks, so they can spend more time with their loved ones or on higher-value tasks.

Book an appointment with Lawrence Lee to learn more about our mobile apps. Right now, schedule a meeting.


We are ONE family at PROPNEX. We appreciate the strength of each individual and strive to be sincere towards each other. You can work in an amazing and fun environment regardless of whether you’ve been an agent for a while or are studying for your real estate license.


Lawrence Lee Digital RES Division, a part of PropNex can give you direct access to my insight and personal consultations to help you advance your investments and real estate career. 


Give your client a presentation to make them feel at ease and gain their trust.

By aligning yourself with your clients, you can guide them through the process of increasing their assets. The presentation framework I provide will be beneficial to you and your clients. I’ve seen my team members consistently achieve Platinum Achievers and Super Platinum Achievers as a result of this.

Knowledge and information should be available to you in the same way as they are to your clients.

PropNex Ranking Structure

PropNex, one of Singapore’s leading real estate agencies, employs a comprehensive ranking structure that provides a clear pathway for its real estate agents to progress, grow, and achieve success in their careers. This ranking structure not only recognizes individual achievements but also motivates agents to strive for excellence and reach new heights within the organization. Here is an overview of the PropNex ranking structure:


1) Associate Group Director:

The Associate Group Director position is the entry point for experienced real estate agents joining PropNex. As an Associate Group Director, individuals have established a track record of success in the industry and possess the skills and knowledge to lead and mentor a team of agents.


2) Group Director:

The Group Director rank signifies a significant milestone in an agent’s career. Group Directors have demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities, consistently achieved impressive sales performance, and displayed strong interpersonal skills. They are responsible for managing and guiding a larger team of real estate professionals.


3) Division Director:

Division Directors have proven their expertise, leadership, and commitment to PropNex. They possess a deep understanding of the real estate market, excel in sales and customer service, and demonstrate exceptional team management capabilities. Division Directors often oversee multiple teams and play a crucial role in driving the success of their divisions.


4) Senior Division Director:

Senior Division Directors are recognized for their outstanding performance, extensive experience, and exceptional leadership skills. They have consistently achieved remarkable sales results, built strong networks, and exhibited an unwavering dedication to their clients and team members. Senior Division Directors contribute significantly to the growth and development of PropNex.


5) Executive Group Director:

Executive Group Directors are highly accomplished individuals who have reached the pinnacle of success in their real estate careers. They possess extensive industry knowledge, a stellar sales track record, and exceptional leadership qualities. Executive Group Directors are instrumental in driving the overall growth and success of PropNex.


Beyond these ranks, PropNex also provides additional recognition and awards for outstanding performance, such as the Millionaire Agent, Platinum Achiever, and Top Producer accolades. These accolades serve to inspire and motivate agents to continually strive for excellence in their work.


PropNex’s ranking structure not only provides a clear career progression pathway but also offers agents opportunities for personal and professional growth. It fosters a culture of collaboration, mentorship, and continuous improvement, ensuring that agents receive the support and guidance needed to excel in their real estate careers.

By implementing a robust ranking structure, PropNex has created an environment that encourages agents to push their boundaries, achieve their full potential, and ultimately contribute to the agency’s ongoing success in the competitive real estate market of Singapore.


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