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PropNex is one of the largest real estate companies in Singapore, known for its extensive network of professional and experienced property agents. Among the many talented agents at PropNex, a few stand out as top recruiters in the industry.

One of the top recruiters at PropNex is Lawrence Lee. With over 12 years of experience in the real estate industry, he has a deep understanding of the Singapore property market and a strong track record of successfully closing deals. He is known for his excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and ability to match clients with the perfect property that meets their needs and budget.

Another top recruiter at PropNex is Aaron Wan (Aaron wan propnex). He has a reputation for being a dedicated and hardworking agent, who always puts the needs of his clients first. With a vast knowledge of the property market, he is able to provide valuable insights and guidance to buyers and sellers. He also has a proven track record of successfully closing deals and providing excellent customer service.

A third top recruiter at PropNex is Stuart Jang, who is known for his professionalism and expertise in the luxury property market. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of high-end properties, he is able to provide a personalized service to clients looking for a luxury home. He is also known for being dedicated to ensuring that clients are satisfied with their property purchases.

In conclusion, PropNex is home to many talented and dedicated property agents, but these three agents stand out as top recruiters in the industry. They have a deep understanding of the Singapore property market, excellent communication skills, and a proven track record of successfully closing deals, and providing excellent customer service. If you are looking for a professional and experienced agent to help you with your property needs, these agents are a great place to start.

DigitalRES Lawrence

Benefits of Choosing the Top Propnex Recruiter

Here are some potential benefits of working with a top PropNex recruiter:

  1. Market expertise: A top recruiter will have a deep understanding of the local real estate market and can provide valuable insights and advice to buyers and sellers.
  2. Strong network: Top recruiters often have a wide network of contacts, which can help buyers and sellers access a wider range of properties and find the right match for their needs.
  3. Proven track record: A top recruiter will have a history of successfully closing deals and providing excellent customer service, giving clients confidence in their ability to help them achieve their goals.
  4. Professionalism: A top recruiter will be highly professional and dedicated to providing clients with the best possible service.
  5. Strong negotiation skills: Top recruiters are able to negotiate favorable deals for their clients, which can save buyers and sellers thousands of dollars.
  6. Ability to guide clients through the buying/selling process: Top recruiters have the knowledge and experience to guide clients through the buying and selling process and help them navigate any challenges that may arise.
  7. Ability to handle complex transactions: Top recruiters are able to handle complex transactions and help clients navigate any legal or financial complexities involved.
  8. Strong marketing skills: Top recruiters will have strong marketing skills and will be able to effectively market a property to potential buyers.

About Lawrence Lee


I worked as a banker for Credit Suisse and as a tax consultant for PwC Singapore, which is the biggest accounting company in the world, prior to joining the real estate market.

At the age of 24, I made my first investment in real estate, purchasing a freehold private apartment close to Serangoon for more than half a million dollars. My prior work experience, education, and the knowledge I obtained from two years of intense research all played a role in my decision to make this purchase. Within the space of only two years, at the age of 27, I was able to acquire a second house in Prime District 9 for the price of $1.5 million next to Orchard as a home for my future spouse. I wasn’t interested in flashy automobiles or expensive name-brand goods; rather, I chose to put my money into real estate investments.

Just three years ago, in 2017, at the age of 29, I made an investment of $2.3 million in the apartment known as The Sea View, which is located in the Prime District 15 neighborhood. In 2020, when I was 32 years old, I took advantage of the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker period to purchase the landed property on the East Coast where I had always dreamed of living. It was expanded out to a size of around 10,000 sq. ft, and it was purchased for almost $1 million less than its tax assessment!

At the age of 33 in 2021, I decided to try my hand at the shophouse investment market and bought two shophouses on Kitchener Road and Koon Seng Road. After five months, I was able to resell the former, which resulted in a fourfold profit on the original investment that I made (link).

In 2022, I made a further investment in the conservation of two shophouses located in Prime District 7 (Bugis).


You will have the opportunity to get several levels of training and advice from the company PropNex, Digital Res, as well as directly from Lawrence Lee and his group of real estate agents if you join Digital Res. This guarantees that you are always up to speed on the most recent developments in the real estate market and that you grow both your abilities and your knowledge as an agent.


It has been shown that the Power series, which is organized by the Propnex Powerful Negotiators Group (PNG), is of tremendous use to both inexperienced and seasoned real estate brokers alike. It offers intensive training that ranges from fundamentals like presentation and prospecting skills to advanced financial methods for calculating skills required for investment progression or portfolio restructuring. The goal of this training is to help commit to making how they can better serve their customers, and the training itself ranges from fundamentals like presentation and prospecting skills to advanced skills.

The following topics will be covered in these training seminars provided by PropNex:


Digital Res has always maintained a culture in which members regularly congregate for the purpose of participating in events, seminars, and training sessions. A number of the division’s signature training programs are offered, including a monthly producer sharing in which the top agents in the division talk openly about their successful strategies and techniques, a prospecting focus group in which new agents are mentored by our leaders on how to prospect, and a connection focus training in which we learn how to stay connected with our previous customers or friends and repurpose them into new leads.


You may further your profession in the real estate industry with the assistance of additional training and seminars that are offered via Digital Res. We have our own self-developed techniques and processes that can aid you in building your client database and, while simultaneously time, help encourage your current customers to acquire properties with better growth potential. These are both things that we can do for you.

In addition to this, every month, our department has a team sharing when we all get together for a dinner and discuss the effective approaches and formulae that we have used in the past. This allows everyone to gain more knowledge from one another.

The Instruction of Lawrence Lee

Top Propnex Recruiter

Digital Res places a strong emphasis on formation and education in order to cultivate great real estate agents who have a “champion attitude.” Lawrence is responsible for the curation of a training program called Digital Res. This curriculum is intended to provide RES realtors with the practical insight, knowledge, and abilities necessary to construct and create a high level of professionalism.

Group members will be armed with fresh perspectives and skill sets through learning from Lawrence Lee and collaborating with him. This will allow them to develop a comprehensive and constructed development plan, which will include a review of their own current capabilities as well as the development of a robust and configuration planning strategy.